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Retail Accelerator - Omnichannel XP API | RAML Definition

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This API provides a design best practice to work with customers, channels, categories, stores, partners, orders, products, and shopping cart data from systems like Salesforce using a set of RESTful services in RAML, making it easily consumable by any developer within the enterprise.

This RAML API specification is part of the Retail Accelerator. System APIs provide a means of hiding complexity from a user while exposing data and providing downstream insulation from any interface changes or rationalization of those systems.

This API depends on these RAML fragments:

Defined types:

  • CategoryCollectionResponse
  • CategoryResponse
  • ChannelCollectionResponse
  • ChannelResponse
  • ContactMethodCollectionResponse
  • ContactMethodResponse
  • FeatureCollectionResponse
  • FeatureResponse
  • FulfillmentMethodCollectionResponse
  • OrderCollectionResponse
  • PartnerCollectionResponse
  • PartnerResponse
  • ProductCollectionResponse
  • ProductResponse
  • ProductVariantAvailabilityResponse
  • ProductVariantCollectionResponse
  • ProductVariantResponse
  • SalesOrderCollectionResponse
  • SalesOrderFulfillmentResponse
  • SalesOrderItemCollectionResponse
  • SalesOrderPaymentMethodResponse
  • SalesOrderResponse
  • ShoppingCartCollectionResponse
  • ShoppingCartResponse
  • StoreCollectionResponse
  • StoreResponse