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Retrieve Coronavirus (COVID-19) data that has been gathered and unified from trusted sources. This API is provided to the public by Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau at no cost to help you make make better and faster decisions.



The COVID-19 Data Tracking API retrieves data from The New York Times, European CDC, and The COVID Tracking Project to provide COVID-19 case data based on the user-specified location.

Users must specify a location and the number of days of data they want from the specific source.

  • The location is either a Zip Code or a 2-letter ISO code for the country or US state.
  • If a Zip Code is provided, the returned information will be for the county to which the Zip Code belongs.
    • If a Zip Code belongs to multiple counties, then, all the counties' information will be returned.
    • If multiple Zip Codes are part of a county, all the associated Zip Codes within the same county will return the same information.
  • The days in the past must be up to the last 7 days. The user will receive up to 7 days of historic data from the current date.
returns the date of data updatereturns the date of data updatereturns the date of data update
death countdeath countdeath count
reported infection countreported infection countreported infection count
recovery countrecovery countrecovery count
active case countactive case count
number of positive cases
number of negative cases
number of people in hospitals
number of people in intensive care
number of people intubated

Support: At this time, we only support the input of 1 location at a time.

Support: The Locations API Endpoint returns the most recently available data for the last 24 hours. If there is no data for that location, an HTTP status code of 404 is returned. The accompanying response body will be an empty object {}.

Support: The Cases API Endpoints do not display all the data over time. The data fetched will be from the last 7 days from the current date when the request is fired. The current date is in UTC. In the event, there is no data present for a particular date, additional data from the past will not be fetched.

This listing includes Coronavirus (COVID-19) data that has been gathered and unified from trusted sources, including the New York Times, the European CDC, and the COVID Tracking Project. This data is provided at no cost to help you make better and faster decisions.

The COVID Tracking Project-

The New York Times-

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control-


Throttling Limits

This API can support a large number of concurrent requests via a CDN. The origin API server will support up to 80 requests per second on production.

Production80 requests per 1 second

Additional Resources:

Datasets included in this listing include:

COVID-19 Data Tracking: A global time series of case and death data. This data is sourced from The New York Times (, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (, and the COVID Tracking Project (

Visit the COVID-19 Data Hub (, a free resource page, to learn more about these curated data sources and to access data visualizations, quick-start Tableau dashboards, and other partner-created solutions.

Regulatory and Compliance Information

For more information, refer to the linked source for each dataset included in this listing.

API Specification

The API specification can be accessed here


These APIs are currently in beta and may be subject to change over the coming weeks.


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