Flow Designer template: View data in Salesforce Service Cloud

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What this template does

This template shows how customer information can be sent to Salesforce Service Cloud so that customer support representatives can see information about customers in a “single pane of glass.”

This template implements the workflow for a fictional financial institution. That institution offers its customers home loans, which are sourced from different loan providers. When customers call customer support representatives, those representatives want to see loan offers in their Salesforce Service Console so that they can speak about those offers over the phone and offer greater customer value.

Learn how to use this template and build it from scratch in this webinar.

How it works

On a scheduled basis, this template retrieves “loan offer” data from a loan offer API and sends to Salesforce to be displayed in a custom UI component.

What you need

  • A Salesforce account

How to use it

  • Import the template.
  • Enter credentials for your Salesforce account.
  • The loan offer API in this template calls a mocking service with sample data. To make this work for your organization, build an implementation for the API so that it connects with your database or use your organization’s API.



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Published onSep 4, 2019
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