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The AMQP connector enables your application to do messaging using an AMQP 0.9.1 compliant broker. Its main features include:

  • RPC Pattern through request-reply consumption using private temporal queues.
  • SDK Transaction management with optional channel self-recovery.
  • Synchronous Message requesting, with timeout.
  • Management operations for exchange and queue declarations.
  • All AMQP message properties, including custom headers.
  • Reply to (publishing replies to the default exchange).
  • Automatic, Mule-driven, and manual message acknowledgement.
  • Manual message rejection.
  • Mandatory and immediate publishing parameters and handling of returned (undelivered) messages through error handling.
  • Prefetch size and count "quality of service" settings.
  • noLocal and exclusive consumers.
  • TLS/SSL connectivity.
  • Message Builder functionality similar to the one provided by the JMS connector.


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Published onSep 21, 2020
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