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Streamline business processes and move data between Apache Kafka and enterprise applications and services with the Anypoint Connector for Apache Kafka.

Apache Kafka is used for various use cases such as tracking website activities, managing operational metrics, aggregating logs from different sources, processing stream data, and more in different companies. The connector enables out-of-the-box connectivity with Apache Kafka, allowing users to ingest real-time data from Apache Kafka and publish it to Apache Kafka.

Associated Use Cases

  • Log aggregation - Leverage the low-latency processing from Kafka to collect logs from multiple services and make them available in standard format to multiple consumers.
  • Analysis and metrics - Optimize your advertising budget by integrating Kafka and your big data analytics solution to analyze end user activity such as page views, clicks, shares, and so on, to serve relevant ads.
  • Notifications and alerts - Notify customers about the various financial events, ranging from the recent amount of a transaction, to more complex events such as future investment suggestions based on integrations with credit agencies, location, and so on.

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