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MuleSoft's Trello connector enables you to automate collaborative work flows across your teams and the broader organizations. This connector is capable of connecting your Trello instance with your case management system (e.g. Salesforce Service Cloud) to keep all customer facing teams (e.g. support, sales, marketing) in sync with the product and engineering teams to drive faster resolution of customer issues and enhance customer satisfaction. Using this connector, product teams can also keep tasks across various apps and systems consolidated via Trello's easy-to-use interface for quicker triaging and increased team productivity.

Associated Use Cases

Automate common business operations by integrating Trello with other business applications such as your customer service system, email and calendar. Possibilities include:

  • Faster resolution of customer cases - Send customer case information managed by your support teams to your sales, development and other teams for better and faster collaboration.
  • Streamlined task tracking - Manage key tasks for your project teams across all your IT apps (email, messaging, calendar) in one, streamlined and easy-to-use interface. Make working across teams smoother, especially in a remote work environment.
  • Driving team efficiency - Those using Trello as their work management system can funnel all data from Trello into a data analysis tool like Tableau to derive insights around team velocity and efficiency, to improve effectiveness and visibility.

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