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Google’s Ad Manager is a comprehensive hosted ad serving platform that streamlines your ad management functions and allows you to generate even-greater advertising margins. It offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine, helping publishers streamline operations and capture the most value for every impression.

The Anypoint Connector for Google Ad Manager enables publishers and third-parties to consume the Google Ad Manager API to help them grow, sell, schedule, deliver, and measure their digital ad inventory on Google Ad Manager.

The following services are supported by the Google Ad Manager Connector.

  • Company Service
  • Contact Service
  • Custom Field Service
  • Custom Targeting Service
  • Forecast Service
  • Inventory Service (Ad Units)
  • Line Item Service
  • Order Service
  • Placement Service
  • Publisher Query Language Service
  • Report Service
  • User Service

This connector also supports both service account and OAuth authentication methods.

About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

MuleSoft Certified connectors are developed by MuleSoft’s partners and developer community and subsequently reviewed and certified by MuleSoft. For these connectors, MuleSoft will take initial calls from customers and isolate the issue for resolution. MuleSoft disclaims any additional support obligation for such MuleSoft Certified Connector. For support of MuleSoft Certified Connectors, customers should contact the MuleSoft partner that created the connector.

To purchase the connector, or get assistance or support for the Google Ad Manager Connector, contact Ricston directly at

By installing this connector, you consent to MuleSoft sharing your contact information with the developer of this connector so that you can receive more information about it directly from the developer.

This 3rd party connector requires an additional fee to the 3rd party to use. Please contact the 3rd party for more information. Fees for MuleSoft Certified Connectors may vary. MuleSoft Certified Connectors are not accessible to the MuleSoft Community Edition.

About Ricston Ltd.

Ricston’s strong pedigree comes from a long history with MuleSoft by developing training collateral and delivering professional services engagements related to MuleSoft - Ricston was one of the first MuleSoft partners.

At our core is a team of technology professionals across Europe on a mission to lead organizations through their Digital Transformation journey and bring experience and best practices to accelerate results while developing long lasting and trusted customer relationships. Visit us at our website to learn more about us.

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