Accelerator Salesforce Customers System API

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This API specification is a shared component of MuleSoft Accelerators, which accelerate the implementation of essential integration use cases.

The Salesforce Customers System API provides a means to access Account and Contact data from Salesforce. It supports the following functionality:

  • Create a Customer
  • Update a Customer
  • Retrieve a Customer
  • Search for Customers
  • Create a Contact
  • Update a Contact
  • Retrieve a Contact
  • Search for Contacts
  • Search Related Contacts for a given Customer
  • Upsert Account and Contact relationship
  • Create a Lead
  • Update a Lead
  • Retrieve a Lead
  • Search for Leads
  • Update an Opportunity
  • Retrieve a Opportunity
  • Search for Opportunities
  • Create a Household
  • Update a Household
  • Retrieve a Household
  • Search for Households
  • Post messages to chatter feeds

Customers can use this integration template to accelerate implementation.


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MuleSoft Solutions
Published onMar 22, 2023
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