Accelerator B2B Commerce System API

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This API specification is a component of MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail, which accelerates implementation of essential integration use cases such as customer profile sync, order sync and products sync, across commerce, marketing, CRM, ERP, and OMS applications.

The B2B Commerce System API exposes product data as JSON. The current release supports the following functionality:

  • Create a product in B2B Commerce.
  • Get an existing product from B2B Commerce.
  • Perform product master updates in B2B Commerce.
  • Get or replace image resources for a product.
  • Get or replace price book entries for a product.

The B2B entities referenced by the implementation - Product, ProductCategory, ProductCatalog, ProductImage, PriceBook, and CommerceEntitlementPolicy - must have been already enabled in the B2B Commerce Lightning system before using these operations.

Customers can use this integration template to accelerate implementation.


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MuleSoft Solutions
Published onSep 22, 2021
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