Transform XML to EDI X12 850 purchase orders and X12 850 to JSON

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Transform XML to EDI X12 and EDI X12 to JSON




This example illustrates the below B2B/EDI integration use cases leveraging Anypoint X12 Connector:

  • Transform XML messages into outbound EDI X12 850 purchase order transactions.
  • Transform inbound EDI X12 850 purchase orders into JSON, with a Functional acknowledgement (997) generated.

Setup the Example

Run the Example

  • Run the application in Anypoint Studio
  • Testing Outbound flow
  • Testing Inbound flow
    • Using a REST Client, POST a raw EDI X12 850 message message to the URL: http://localhost:8081/x12/receive/4010-850
      • Payload: src/main/resources/inbound/EDI-4010-850-NTO-to-Mythical.edi
    • The app returns the translated JSON purchase order message
    • Functional Acknowledgement (997) is generated and printed in the log.
      • It can be sent via any standard protocol such as FTP, SFTP or AS2 back to the trading partner.


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Published onOct 7, 2020
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