Epic FHIR R4 Clinical API

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Clinical API includes following FHIR R4 US Core Profiles:


Condition is one of the event resources in the FHIR workflow specification.

This resource is used to record detailed information about a condition, problem, diagnosis, or other event, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern. The condition could be a point in time diagnosis in context of an encounter, it could be an item on the practitioner's Problem List, or it could be a concern that doesn't exist on the practitioner's Problem List. Often times, a condition is about a clinician's assessment and assertion of a particular aspect of a patient's state of health. It can be used to record information about a disease/illness identified from application of clinical reasoning over the pathologic and pathophysiologic findings (diagnosis), or identification of health issues/situations that a practitioner considers harmful, potentially harmful and may be investigated and managed (problem), or other health issue/situation that may require ongoing monitoring and/or management (health issue/concern).


AllergyIntolerance is a record of a clinical assessment of an allergy or intolerance; a propensity, or a potential risk to an individual, to have an adverse reaction on future exposure to the specified substance, or class of substance.
Where a propensity is identified, to record information or evidence about a reaction event that is characterized by any harmful or undesirable physiological response that is specific to the individual and triggered by exposure of an individual to the identified substance or class of substance.


Procedure is one of the event resources in the FHIR workflow specification.

This resource is used to record the details of current and historical procedures performed on or for a patient. A procedure is an activity that is performed on, with, or for a patient as part of the provision of care. Examples include surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, endoscopic procedures, biopsies, counseling, physiotherapy, personal support services, adult day care services, non-emergency transportation, home modification, exercise, etc. Procedures may be performed by a healthcare professional, a service provider, a friend or relative or in some cases by the patient themselves.


ServiceRequest is one of the event resources in the FHIR workflow specification.

ServiceRequest represents an order or proposal or plan, as distinguished by ServiceRequest.intent to perform a diagnostic or other service on or for a patient. ServiceRequest represents a proposal or plan or order for a service to be performed that would result in a Procedure or DiagnosticReport, which in turn may reference one or more Observations, which summarize the performance of the procedures and associated documentation such as observations, images, findings that are relevant to the treatment/management of the subject.


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