FHIR Error API Policy

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Setup guide

Publishing the policy

  1. Log into the Anypoint Platform.
  2. Navigate to Anypoint Exchange.
  3. Locate the FHIR Error API Policy.
  4. Click the 'Download as Custom file' option:fhir-error-policy-download-custom-file.png
  5. Unzip the asset to an empty directory.
  6. Using the command line, open the unzipped folder.
  7. Ensure the local maven settings.xml file has a server entry corresponding to exchange-server, which should enlist a user with Anypoint Exchange Contributor permissions:
    exchange-server platform\_user password
  8. Run the script provided by providing the Exchange organization id as the parameter:
    ./deploy.sh some-org-id-value


If additional error types need to be handled by this custom policy, modify the policy's template.xml file.

Chain policies in API Manager

API Manager can be used to chain policies to return OperationOutcome format errors from other OOTB policies. The FHIR Error API Policy should be applied first, followed by other authentication/quality of service policies to achieve the required goal.


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Published onSep 18, 2020
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