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Describes the intended objective(s) for a patient, group or organization care, for example, weight loss, restoring an activity of daily living, obtaining herd immunity via immunization, meeting a process improvement objective, etc.



This asset is a component of MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare enables healthcare providers to unlock critical patient data to build a patient 360 within Salesforce Health Cloud, faster and easier than ever before. The solution includes pre-built APIs, connectors, integration templates, and a prescriptive end-to-end reference architecture to bring patient demographics information and COVID-19 test results from any EHR into Health Cloud using HL7 V2 or FHIR standards.

The solution also provides a library of United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) and FHIR R4 resources to help healthcare developers adhere to interoperability needs and jumpstart the development of healthcare digital transformation initiatives.

Use case covered

A Goal in health care services delivery is generally an expressed desired health state to be achieved by a subject of care (or family/group) over a period or at a specific point of time. This desired target health state may be achieved as a result of health care intervention(s) or resulting from natural recovery over time. For example:

  • A goal of a plan for a condition such as a diabetes might specify desired outcome(s) (e.g. HgbA1c level =<5.6% in 3 months) as a result of interventions such as medication therapy, nutritional management and/or increase physical activity.
  • A goal of a procedure might be to meet the intended objective of the procedure (e.g. wet-dry-dressing changes twice a day; goal: wound healed completely in 2 weeks) or to prevent an unintended complication (e.g. repositioning a patient every two hours: goal to maintain skin integrity)

Goals may address the prevention of illness, cure or mitigation of a condition, prolongation of life, or mitigation of pain and discomfort.

When dealing with groups, goals may also reflect health state, such as a reduction of addiction behaviors. However, they may also reflect population health objectives such as education, screening, etc.

Organizational goals are typically not health state specific but may instead identify measurement targets such as infection control, cost management, patient satisfaction, etc.

This API uses FHIR R4 Goal Library.

More information about FHIR R4 Goal specification can be found here.

More information about US Core profile can be found here.


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