FHIR R4 MedicationRequest Library

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An order or request for both supply of the medication and the instructions for administration of the medication to a patient. The resource is called "MedicationRequest" rather than "MedicationPrescription" or "MedicationOrder" to generalize the use across



This asset is a component of MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare enables healthcare providers to unlock critical patient data to build a patient 360 within Salesforce Health Cloud, faster and easier than ever before. The solution includes pre-built APIs, connectors, integration templates, and a prescriptive end-to-end reference architecture to bring patient demographics information and COVID-19 test results from any EHR into Health Cloud using HL7 V2 or FHIR standards.

The solution also provides a library of United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) and FHIR R4 resources to help healthcare developers adhere to interoperability needs and jumpstart the development of healthcare digital transformation initiatives.

Use case covered

This resource covers all type of orders for medications for a patient. This includes inpatient medication orders as well as community orders (whether filled by the prescriber or by a pharmacy). It also includes orders for over-the-counter medications (e.g. Aspirin), total parenteral nutrition and diet/ vitamin supplements. It may be used to support the order of medication-related devices. It is not intended for use in prescribing particular diets, or for ordering non-medication-related items (eyeglasses, supplies, etc.). In addition, the MedicationRequest may be used to report orders/request from external systems that have been reported for informational purposes and are not authoritative and are not expected to be acted upon (e.g. dispensed or administered).

The MedicationRequest resource is a "request" resource from a FHIR workflow perspective - see Workflow Request.

The MedicationRequest resource allows requesting only a single medication. If a workflow requires requesting multiple items simultaneously, this is done using multiple instances of this resource. These instances can be linked in different ways, depending on the needs of the workflow. For guidance, refer to the Request pattern

This library is used by FHIR R4 MedicationRequest API.

More information about FHIR R4 MedicationRequest specification can be found here.

More information about US Core profile can be found here.


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