Events-based ingestion into Health Cloud

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Healthcare organizations ability to gain a 360-degree view of their patients is crucial for providing the service that patients expect today and implementing a value-based care model. A deep understanding of patients' medical history, lifestyle, preferences, and social determinants of health can enable providers to deliver personalized care that is more effective and efficient.

In order to generate this comprehensive patient view, , healthcare organizations must unify data across a variety of sources - none more critical than their electronic health records (EHR). With this solution, MuleSoft and Salesforce Health Cloud customers are able to quickly ingest key patient information from HL7 v2 feeds including ADT, ORU and SIU into their CRM.

To learn more about this asset and the overall use cases it supports, navigate to this Anypoint Exchange page and to review additional setup instructions including steps required to deploy the full solution, open this link.


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Published onFeb 26, 2024
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