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Merchant API can be used for performing various operations on merchant. These APIs can be very handy during merchant on-boarding process.


API Definition:

Merchant is an entity that can onboard on the PayFac platform to start their business & to accept online payments.

Merchant API group is having a set of APIs that will help PayFac in onboarding their Merchants by creating merchant profiles. These APIs will be used to perform various operations on created merchant profile like modify merchant, fetch merchant, fetch merchant instrument & check merchant onboarding status.

Business Description:

Merchant APIs can help payfac to create a merchant using the details provided by the merchant as a part of the onboarding process. PayFac can modify the merchant details, can find the merchant or merchant instrument using merchant Id & can also check the onboarding status for a merchant. These APIs can help Payfac for providing better services to onboarding & onboarded merchants.


This asset provides core functionality specific for integrations aligned to the individual processes described. Please consider this as a template for testing and early-stage development purposes, with production availability dependent on individual products and solutions within an individual organization’s existing payments portfolio.

For support and guidance on aligning asset to the production environment and questions related to compatibility with product, please contact Opus by emailing mulesoftconnector@opusconsulting.com

Use Case:

Here, the merchant wants to onboard on payfac

  • When a merchant wants to onboard on PayFac platform for starting its business online, Payfac can create the Merchant profile on its platform using the merchant details provided by the merchant.
  • Once the merchant profile is created, the profile goes under verification, risk assessment, credit scoring & KYC process.
  • When merchant verification and all other process completed successfully, the merchant onboarding process starts where the merchant is onboarded & assigned with Merchant ID & can be registered with a processor.
  • The merchant profile can be searched & updated after merchant onboarding.

Reference Diagram:

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