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This asset is a component of MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, which accelerates implementation of essential integration use cases such as sales operations, analytics, and supply chain resilience.

The solution includes pre-built APIs, connectors, and integration templates that help unlock business-critical data from external systems, all the while guiding you to adopt best practices synthesized from thousands of customer implementations. These assets can be used as is or extended to meet your company's unique needs.

Project contents

The mfg-common-resources project provides a Maven build profile, Postman collections, and other resources helpful for environment setup and testing.

To obtain the source for this project, download the asset and extract the contents into a temporary folder. The archive contains a single project folder, which can be moved/copied to the desired location and/or imported directly into Studio as an existing project.

Build files

Maven module build files are provided to simplify building and deploying all assets required by each use case. All projects in each build file must already exist under the root workspace folder.

Configuration files

The settings-accelerators.xml file is a Maven settings.xml template that should be used as the basis for building and deploying assets related to the MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing. Copy or merge the content of this file to your local workstation (the default location is $HOME/.m2/settings.xml on Linux/MacOS, %USERPROFILE%\.m2\settings.xml on Windows) and customize the following sections as per your organization's target Anypoint instance:

  • The global-settings-mfg global profile properties
  • The CloudHub-MFG-DEV deployment profile properties
  • Credentials for anypoint-exchange-v2, accelerator-exchange, and mule-enterprise server entries

Once configured correctly you will be able to build and deploy any implementation template to your own Anypoint instance.

Postman collections

The following Postman collections can be found under the collections folder:

  • MFG-Deployment-Verification - provides a set of test cases to invoke the new /ping endpoint on all accelerator APIs
  • Anypoint-MQ-Configuration - can be used to automatically create the Anypoint MQ destinations and client application required by many accelerator components


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MuleSoft Solutions
Published onSep 6, 2022
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