MFG Tableau Machine Data Experience API - Implementation Template

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Getting started

These instructions assume you have already configured your Maven settings.xml file according to the Getting Started with MuleSoft Accelerators - Build Environment guide.

Import directly from Anypoint Exchange

All accelerator templates can be imported into Anypoint Studio directly from Exchange if your Anypoint credentials have been provided; refer to the Studio documentation for more details.

  • From Studio, open the Exchange window (typically the second toolbar button from the left)
  • If prompted, login to Anypoint Exchange
  • Select the Provided by MuleSoft view (top-left)
  • Click the Asset type selector to the left of the Search field and choose Templates
  • Copy and paste the title of this API into the Search field and press Enter
  • Click on the desired result to open the home page for the asset
  • Click on the Open icon (top-right) to import the asset into the current workspace

If it appears, you can safely cancel out of the Update your Workspace dialog as well as the subsequent Are you sure? prompt: our templates will work correctly with or without the suggested changes.

Download and import manually

The following instructions assume you are viewing this page from your browser:

  • Click the Download button (top-right) and save the template archive to your local file system
  • In Studio, ensure the current perspective is set to Mule Design
  • Right-click in an empty area in the Package Explorer and select Import...
  • In the select dialog, expand the Anypoint Studio folder
  • Choose the Packaged mule application (.jar) option and click Next >
  • Enter the full path name of the downloaded jar file or select from the file browser
  • Remove the version and mule-application-template suffixes from the project name, if desired
  • Click Finish to import the project

As above, you can safely cancel out of the Update your Workspace dialog, if prompted.

Next steps

Visit the Prerequisites tab to learn more about any dependencies this application may have on external systems or services.

The Deployment tab provides instructions on how to properly configure the application for running locally from Studio or deploying to CloudHub.


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