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MuleSoft Accelerator for Consumer Goods

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Empower smarter, more effective trade promotions and retail execution through a modern integration approach supported by pre-built APIs, integration templates, and connectors.


MuleSoft Accelerator for Consumer Goods helps consumer goods companies integrate their digital operations to gain visibility into trade promotion management and retail execution. Our foundational assets are expertly designed to jumpstart your top integration and business initiatives so that IT teams can spend more time innovating and less time building from scratch.

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Use cases

  • Use case 1 - Product and Account Integration with Hierarchies - Surface relevant product, customer, demand planning, and pricing information from ERP and PIM systems and easily consolidate this information into Trade Promotion Management (TPM) platforms like Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for informed promotional planning.

  • Use case 2: Retail execution - Unlock shelf data to enable perfect retail execution with pre-built assets. Access store audit data from image recognition software, like Trax, and smoothly integrate into Retail Execution platforms, such as Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, to monitor at shelf performance in one platform.

  • Use case 3 - Trade Promotion Effectiveness - Visualize your promotions in one integrated platform with pre-built assets that integrate Business Intelligence Tools (BI Tools), such as CRM Analytics, into a TPM platform like Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

  • Use case 4 - Trade Promotion Optimization - Integrate predictive baseline data from CRM Analytics into Hyperforce for trade promotion optimization, enabling data-driven insights into promotion effectiveness, aiding in designing targeted promotions aligned with consumer behavior, and facilitating accurate ROI calculations by assessing market risks.

  • Use case 5 - Customer Planning and Forecasting - Enhance your customer planning and forecasting with intelligent, data-driven insights. Leverage pre-configured resources that bring forth pertinent product, customer, and volume planning information from backend systems. Seamlessly amalgamate this valuable data into platforms like Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to facilitate well-informed planning and forecasting.

  • Use case 6 - POS integration - The Point of Sales integration use case enables retailers to sales orders by simplifying connectivity between ERP, CRM, Loyalty Management Cloud, Data Cloud and POS system.

  • Use case 7 - Pricing Data integration for TPM - Analyze the impact of promotions on margins, revenue, and overall business performance facilitates informed decision-making and strategic planning for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This solution provides prebuilt assets for integrating list price and cost of goods sold (COGS) data to ensure accurate calculation of promotion profitability and effective resource allocation, maximizing return on investment.

API-led diagram

Functional diagram for the CG accelerator

Additional Resources

Please note: Following process flow is an illustration describing how MuleSoft RPA, Composer and the Accelerator for Consumer Goods enable the entire new item setup form process to be automated. To learn more and to share your feedback, please let us know at



Visit the Prerequisites page to access the guides available for configuring the various systems and products required to implement the use cases provided by this solution. The individual systems needed, and amount of configuration required, depend on which assets are to be configured and deployed in your target environment(s) - refer to the use case pages for more details.

Available assets

The following assets are available for this accelerator.

Please be sure to visit the Prerequisites documentation prior to attempting to use any of these assets in your own environment.

Accelerator System APIs

Accelerator Process APIs

Accelerator Listener Applications

Common services (can be used across any use case)

Release notes

For the latest updates to this accelerator, view the release notes here.

What is a MuleSoft Accelerator?

Accelerators are a collection of technical assets (predominantly API specifications and implementation templates) and documentation to accelerate the implementation of multiple use cases supporting a larger business and/or industry problem.

Accelerators are designed as modular building blocks. Customers can change the patterns, mappings, and endpoints to suit their needs. They represent best practices we recommend to customers in accomplishing these use cases. Customers will save hours of discovery, design, development and testing each time they use an accelerator asset.

To access any of the links described in this Accelerator, you must log into Anypoint Platform.

Give the assets a try and if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know at You can also engage with other users on the MuleSoft Forum, and submit ideas in the Ideas Portal. We look forward to hearing from you!


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