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Manufacturing Cloud setup guide

This setup guide helps setup Manufacturing Cloud with customers, products and orders from external systems that provide data in the form of csv or excel files.


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The setup enables customers to upload existing customer, product, and order data to Manufacturing Cloud via SFTP. Data can be exported in csv or xlsx format for loading into the Manufacturing Cloud.

High-level architecture

Load data to Manufacturing Cloud


Use case considerations

Functional considerations

  • Customer, product and order data needs to be in csv or xlsx format.
  • Customer and product data needs be loaded into Manufacturing Cloud before loading order data so that orders can be attached existing customers and products.

Technical considerations

This section lists the technical considerations and constraints on the solution design.

  • The csv and xlsx files need to be in the format specified below
  • MDM implementation is required in order to reference customer and product data in orders

Systems involved

  • Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud
  • SFTP Server
  • PIM Database
  • Anypoint MQ
  • MDM

Processing logic

  • SFTP CIM handler reads the files from sftp location and converts the records to respective CIM structures and publishes the records to the customers, products and orders exchanges for the related objects.
  • The corresponding process APIs process the messages in CIM format and insert the data into Manufacturing Cloud via the corresponding system APIs.

SFTP setup

SFTP folder configuration

In your SFTP server create inbox, archive and error folders for customers, products and orders.

File configuration
  • The sftp integrations can only read comma separated text file with *.csv extension or Microsoft Excel file with *.xlsx extension
  • For excel files, make sure all the data is in one tab and the tab names must be following: CustomerInfo, OrderInfo and ProductInfo respectively
File formats
Customer file format
Field NameField DescriptionComments
ExternalIdCustomer ID in external systemRequired field
FirstNameThe first name of the PartyRequired for individual
MiddleNameThe middle initial of the PartyOptional field for individual
LastNameThe last name of the PartyRequired for individual
OrgAccountNameOrganization nameRequired for an organization
EmailAddressEmail addressOptional
EmailTypeEmail type e.g. Home, WorkOptional
PhoneNumberPhone numberOptional
InternationalCodePhone country codeOptional the default is "001"
PhoneTypePhone TypeOptional the default is "Home"
PhoneExtPhone extensionOptional
AddressLine1Address LineOptional
AddressLine2Address LineOptional
CityCity nameOptional
StateState or province nameOptional
CountryCountry nameOptional the default is "USA"
PostalCodePostal codeRequired
AddressTypeAddress type e.g. Home, WorkOptional the default is "Home"
Order file format
Field NameField DescriptionComments
IdOrder IDOptional
NameOrder nameRequired
OrderNumberOrder numberRequired
DescriptionOrder descriptionOptional
TotalPriceAmountTotal order costRequired
AccountIdAccount idRequired
TotalDeliveryFeeAmountShipping feeOptional
EffectiveDateOrder dateRequired
ExternalIdOrder id in external systemOptional
ProductCodeProduct sku code of the ordered itemRequired
ProductDescriptionProduct description of the ordered itemOptional
OrderedQuantityQuantity orderedRequired
UnitPriceAmountUnit price of the productRequired
TotalPriceAmountTotal cost of all itemsRequired
OrderProductNumberTotal amount including taxRequired
TotalTaxAmountTotal sales taxRequired
Product file format
Field NameField DescriptionComments
IdProduct IDOptional
NameProduct nameRequired
ProductCodeProduct sku codeRequired
ProductCategoryProduct categoryOptional
DescriptionProduct descriptionRequired
ShortDescriptionProduct short description
LongDescriptionProduct long description
StatusProduct status e.g. ActiveRequired
ExternalIdProduct id in the external systemRequired
TypeProduct typeRequired
UnitListPriceProduct unit priceRequired

MQ Setup

Info TypeAssociated MQAssociated Process API
Customermfg-customer-update-queue, mfg-customer-update-queue-dlqmfg-customers-prc-api
Ordermfg-order-update-queue, mfg-order-update-queue-dlqmfg-orders-prc-api
Productmfg-product-update-queue, mfg-product-update-queue-dlqmfg-products-prc-api

Downloadable assets

System APIs

Process APIs

Accelerator Handlers

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