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Use case: Workday to employee sync

On a scheduled basis, load employee data from Workday to, a Salesforce solution. Use this template to perform the bulk load and/or to synchronize delta changes.

The Mule application will poll on a scheduled basis to fetch employee updates (eg. if an employee joins the company or changes are made to an existing employee) from Workday using Anypoint Object Store (V2, persistent) for watermarking (lastUpdatedTimeStamp). It will then create or update the employee in (Salesforce).

This template uses the Create Job Bulk API 2.0 upsert operation in Anypoint Connector for Salesforce and watermarking capabilities to ensure that only the recent changes are captured and to enable efficient processing of large data sets.

Use case covered

Workday to (Salesforce) employee data synchronization:

  • Initial bulk upload and/or delta loads of Organization, Location, and Employee data from Workday to (Salesforce).
    • Employee signifies both employees and contractors.
Sequence of the load

Due to hierarchical relationship among these entities, the data loads need to follow a specific sequence. Before loading the Employee data, please make sure that the Organization and Location data is loaded.


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Published onApr 16, 2021
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