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Quatrix is a secure cloud data transfer and online storage service that helps organisations centralise and control file sharing. It is GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant and provides simple to use file sharing for end users and is customisable for automated workflows. Files are securely shared over HTTPS or SFTP and are protected at rest using AES-256 bit encryption. Check out Quatrix homepage for further information.

Quatrix API enables MuleSoft users to easily facilitate various file sharing scenarios on the back-end. The connector provides synchronisation of data and automation of processes between Quatrix and third-party applications. By creating instant API connectivity to Quatrix platform via HTTP REST API, the connector lets developers access Quatrix service to perform functions such as uploading, downloading, sharing files and creating, renaming and removing folders. Businesses can store data in various formats on numerous platforms, sync files, and read and write documents to Quatrix - all the while ensuring seamless integration with third-party applications. Quatrix Connector helps businesses access files and documents on any platform, better manage information, and streamline business processes.

For more information on the basics of creating API calls, authentication methods, design principles for APIs, error codes, a list of available resources and guides that explain how to use Quatrix API to perform many different types of functions, see Quatrix API Documentation.

Getting Started

You need to have a Quatrix account to access Quatrix APIs. If you haven’t registered yet, set up a free trial account here.

If you are not familiar with Quatrix features, read the introductory page about Quatrix on our website, learn about features here and explore the user interface before getting down to code.

About Maytech

Maytech provide a global cloud platform for secure and easy-to-use file exchange anywhere.

Launched in 2006, Maytech operate a global data network with Tier 3 hubs in Europe, USA, Taiwan, UAE, India, and Australia. The data centres empower accelerated interregional transfers and fast downloads worldwide, including Mainland China.

Maytech is ISO 27001 certified, and the products are GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS compliant. Our offer includes data residency, API-driven customisation, and product branding. Being responsive to our clients’ business needs, we can quickly implement urgent features if necessary.


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Published onApr 16, 2020
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