RCG Salsify Channel Listener - Implementation Template

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Data mappings


Mapping Tables

Maps Salsify Product to CIM Product format

idexternalIdThe Mdm Id
nameproductNameThe product name
longDescriptionlongDescriptionDetailed product description
descriptiondescriptionBrief product description
productSKUproductIdThe product Id
brandbrandThe product brand
productCategoryProductCategoryThe product category Object
idproductCategoryIddefault to null
nameproductCategoryNameThe Category Name
activeFromDatetodays datedefault to todays date format "yyyy-MM-dd"
productCatalogproductCatalogThe product Catalog Object
idproductCatalogIdId value default to null
nameproductCatalogNameThe Catalog Name
activeFromDatetodays datedefault to todays date format "yyyy-MM-dd"
priceBookEntrypriceBookEntryThe Price Book Object
idpriceBookIdId value default to null
unitListPricefixedAmountThe product fixed price
isActivetruedefault to true
masterProductisVariantIs it the master product
externalIdexternalIdA unique identifier assigned to the product in another system
externalIdTypeexternalIdTypeThe MDM unique Id
auditInfo.createdByapiNameIdentifies the system or user which created the entity
auditInfo.createdDatecreatedStampTimestamp of when the entity was created
auditInfo.updatedByapiNameIdentifies the system or user which last updated the entity
auditInfo.updatedDatelastUpdatedStampTimestamp of when the entity was last updated
primaryProductCategoryprimaryProductCategoryIdProduct Category


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