HR System API - Implementation Template

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Unleash the power of with data from any system using MuleSoft’s Accelerator for Accelerator provides pre-built connectors, integration templates, and data mappings to help you quickly and easily unlock critical employee data from systems like Workday. Use this integrated employee data to light up products like the Workplace Command Center, Contact Tracing, and Shift Management to do what matters most — to get employees back to work safely. Salesforce System API

This System API template allows you to obtain, create and update the Employee, Location and Internal Organization Unit (IOU) objects in Salesforce.


POST /employees

Create or update employee data

POST /employees/searchIds

Search employee record by employeeIds

POST /locations

Create or update location data

POST /locations/searchIds

Search location records by locationName

POST /organizations

Create or update organization data

POST /organizations/searchIds

Search organization records by organizationCode

POST /address

Create and update address data

POST /address/searchIds

Search addresses record by parentIds

Review the included self-descriptive RAML definition and the corresponding flows to learn more about the flows.


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Published onAug 28, 2020
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