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MapR-DB is an enterprise-grade, high-performance, in-Hadoop, NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) database management system built into the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-DB is a global multi-model database that brings together operational applications, analytical applications, real-time streaming and other database workloads to enable a broader set of next-generation data-intensive applications in organizations.

Coforge's Anypoint MapR-DB Connector enables organizations to accelerate the integration with MapR-DB to add real-time, operational analytics to business processes, leveraging all business entities with analytics-as-a-service. The connector gives access to all of the MapR-DB entities and operations, using RESTful APIs to access MapR-DB JSON tables. The RESTful APIs in the backend, allow basic operations to be performed on MapR-DB JSON tables.

This connector supports the following operations and is ideal for companies that use

  • MuleSoft to transform their data and MapR to manage their Big Data.
  • Tables: Create and delete MapR-DB JSON tables.
  • Documents: Insert, Read, update, and delete documents from a table

Associated Use Cases

  • Automate business operations by integrating MapR-DB analytics-as-a-service with other business applications over cloud:
  • Create a MapR Database JSON table
  • Insert documents into the table
  • Retrieve documents from the table, including retrievals that contain field projections and conditions
  • Update individual documents and fields within a document

About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

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Coforge is a strategic partner of MuleSoft helping companies across industries to accelerate IT and business transformation. Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit (formerly WHISHWORKS) comes with a team of over 350 MuleSoft experts, years of experience, and hundreds of successful implementations, delivering best practice, governance, reuse, enablement, and business value with every single project.

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Published onAug 17, 2018
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