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The Anypoint Dropbox connector allows businesses to synchronize data and automate processes between Dropbox and third-party CRMs, as well as collaboration, mobile, social applications such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Google Apps. You can integrate Dropbox with existing SaaS and on-premise applications using the Anypoint Dropbox connector from MuleSoft.

By creating instant API connectivity to Dropbox API, the connector lets developers access the Dropbox database to perform functions such as searching, sharing, editing, and restoring files. Moreover, the Anypoint Dropbox connector enables connectivity to the Datastore API, Sync API, and Core API. Businesses can store data in various formats on numerous platforms, sync files, and read and write documents to Dropbox - all the while ensuring seamless integration with third-party applications. The Anypoint Dropbox connector helps businesses access files and documents on any platform, better manage information, and streamline business processes.

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