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Volante Message Flows™ accelerate the development, testing and deployment of complex message payload processing solutions through visual modeling from which native Java runtime code is automatically generated.

The Volante Connector enables seamless integration of these complex message processing solutions into Mule application and mediation flows. Volante Message Flows implement the complex business logic necessary to integrate financial applications (payments systems, treasury systems, trading platforms, etc.), resources and networks using standard or proprietary message formats.

Each Message Flow’s processing logic is modeled visually within the Volante Composer IDE. Once the Message Flow model has been automatically compiled into a Java run-time component (JAR in the case of Mule but Volante can also auto-generate EAR and WAR packages), all of the complex processing logic is exposed for external invocation as an atomic service (Message Flow name).

This means that any “heavy lifting” with regards to financial services complex message processing can be more rapidly created using Volante to accelerate and simplify the process of implementing, and maintaining, these activities within Mule application and mediation flows.

The Volante Message Flow processing logic could include activities such as message parsing, validation, mapping/transformation, data enrichment, routing, serialization, exception handling, etc. using messages from heterogeneous data sources and messaging standards.Volante’s visual models also promote the automatic generation of full documentation at the implementation level and Message Implementation Guides (MIG) at the message definition level.

This auto-document generation capability ensures that the run-time implementation and documentation are never out of sync, which is important for support, ongoing maintenance as well as audit and compliance.Volante supports over 85 financial standards such as SWIFT (ISO 7775, ISO 15022, ISO 20022); payment standards such as SEPA, ACHs, EDIFACT, BAI2, ISO 8583; market data messages such as Bloomberg, Reuters, FAST; trade processing standards such as FIX, CMS, Omgeo OASYS Global, CREST; reference data formats such as Bloomberg Back Office, Reuters DataScope, S, Avox; derivatives formats such as FpML; plus any form of proprietary data format such as custom XML, fixed-width, ASCII delimited, COBOL Copybook, Excel, Word PDF.

The Volante Connector lets you seamlessly incorporate Volante Message Flows™ at design time within Anypoint Studio, and then to build Mule application/mediation flows incorporating Volante Message Flows and deploy them on the Mule run-time engine. The Volante Connector is based on the Anypoint™ Platform and allows organizations to do more throughout the enterprise, simplifying business processes thereby allowing a greater focus on core business requirements and less time on overcoming integration challenges.

The following features are supported by the Anypoint Connector for Volante:

  • Volante Connector can be used to design a Mule application/mediation flow by seamlessly integrating with Volante Message Flows in Anypoint Studio
  • Volante Connector integrated Mule applications works with Mule Enterprise Edition 3.5.0 and above
  • Volante Connector can be configured to transform messages passed to the Volante Message Flows using the Mule Byte/POJO/String message transformer options or can accept any other type of raw data input via the Volante transformer option
  • Volante Connector can be configured to send any run-time parameters required by the Volante Message Flow for dynamic flow-control within the Message Flow by defining a Transform Context map
  • Volante Connector provides UI menu integrations in Anypoint studio for configuring the Volante Projects and generate maven dependencies required for Volante Flow
  • Volante Connector can be used in a Mule project/application with Maven support or without Maven support

About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

MuleSoft Certified Connectors are developed by MuleSoft’s partners and developer community and subsequently reviewed and certified by MuleSoft. For these connectors, MuleSoft will take initial calls from customers and isolate the issue for resolution. MuleSoft disclaims any additional support obligation for such MuleSoft Certified Connector. For support of MuleSoft Certified Connectors, customers should contact the MuleSoft partner that created the connector.

To receive assistance or support for the Volante Connector, contact Volante directly at support@volantetech.com. MuleSoft disclaims any support obligation for MuleSoft Certified Connectors.

By installing this connector, you consent to MuleSoft sharing your contact information with the developer of this connector so that you can receive more information about it directly from the developer.

This 3rd party connector does not require an additional fee to use with MuleSoft Enterprise Edition. MuleSoft Certified Connectors are not accessible to MuleSoft Community Edition.

About Volante Technologies

Volante Technologies is a global leader in software for the integration, processing, and orchestration of financial messages, data and payments. The products automate the integration of an extensive range of financial message standards and protocols on both a domestic and international level, which are continuously updated with industry changes. These tools enable rapid design through configuration and automatic generation of code and associated documentation and enable financial messages and data to be easily created, validated, transformed, enriched, processed and orchestrated.

Volante Technologies was founded in 2001 in Silicon Valley by a team of messaging experts who saw the opportunity to reduce work, time and costs within financial institutions by automating the integration of financial messages and data to and from back-office systems and market data pouring into trading platforms. Volante soon moved to the financial hub of New York City to be closer to its clients and marketplace. Today Volante operates around the globe at the heart of the financial services and corporate enterprise industries with a growing client base in 26 countries, including some of the world’s largest organizations.

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