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The Prevedere Connector provides access to Prevedere's external economic indicator repository and industry forecasts. Prevedere collects over 2 million economic indicators that can be used to generate economic models and forecasts. The indicator repository is available to search against and retrieve data for analysis.

Forecast models are built using Prevedere's economic indicator repository and can also include a company's internal data. Depending on the strength of the relationships between the forecasted values and the indicators, these models can be extremely accurate at predicting future performance.

The Prevedere Connector supports the following operations:

  • Get Forecast Model Data
  • Get Forecast Models
  • Get Forecast Summary Data
  • Get Indicator Data
  • Get Raw Model Data
  • Search Indicator
  • Test Connection

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About Prevedere

Prevedére, Inc. is a Big Data Predictive Analytics solution that helps companies increase profits and outperform the competition. Our software automates the analysis and identification of leading drivers for companies to improve forecast accuracy, make better decisions on inventory and working capital and identify new global growth opportunities. Our software was developed to fill the gap between costly information data providers and internally only focused business intelligence.

Our patent-pending software was created with years of experience from leading economists, industry analyst and Fortune 500 IT leadership. Prevedére is a fast growing SaaS/Cloud Software Company with customers across all industries, leading private equity and financial investment firms. To learn more about Prevedere, please visit our website.

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Prevedere Inc.
Published onJun 22, 2017
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