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Valomnia's solution leverages Mobility and Cloud technologies to streamline supplier and manufacturer Sales and Distribution processes.

Valomnia improves operational efficiency in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) process, providing business-oriented, simple and ergonomic apps for Manufacturers, Distributors and WholeSalers.

Leader in Store Relationship Management, Valomnia enhances the collaboration between Suppliers and Stores Managers to improve the Customer's in-store experience and boost sales in stores. Integrating Valomnia with your IS provides your users a wider range of functionality to improve effectiveness and have better use of Valomnia’s features.

The Valomnia Connector supports the following operations:

  • Get all entities such as Customer, Item, Order and others.
  • Create a new record of entities.
  • Update a new record of entities.

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To purchase the connector or to get additional assistance or support for the Valomnia Connector contact Valomnia directly at or +44 20 3445 0476.

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About Valomnia

Valomnia is an innovative company, expert in B2B mobility solutions with its different products (DSD, Sales & Store Management). Valomnia is a subsidiary of Proxym Group founded in 2006. With its different entities (Proxym-IT, Proxym France, Proxym ME) located in France, UK, the Middle East and Tunisia, the Group specializes in enterprise solutions, mobile applications, e-Commerce solutions, Medical ERPs, Social Networks and Content Management Systems. To learn more about Valomnia, please visit our website.

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Valomnia Inc.
Published onJun 22, 2017
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