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Visual Recognition allows users to understand the contents of an image or video frame, answering the question: “What is in this image?” Submit an image, and the service returns scores for relevant classifiers representing things such as objects, events and settings.

What types of images are relevant to your business? How could you benefit from understanding and organizing those images based on their contents? With Visual Recognition, users can automatically identify subjects and objects contained within the image and organize and classify these images into logical categories. Need to train Visual Recognition on specific or custom content? Easily train a new classifier by sending examples and voila! Custom image recognition!

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About Admios

Admios is a custom software development firm with offices in San Francisco and Panama City, Panama. We founded Admios in 2005 initially focused on building software for financial services firms. In 2006, during the course of that effort we built a nearshore team in Panama to help us scale. Since then we've diversified our client base and focused our efforts on attracting the best developers in Central and South America and immersing them in Bay Area software culture.
Admios is set apart by a nearshore team culture steeped in intangibles: silicon valley innovation, frequent transparent communication, and prudent risk management. We can not only talk frameworks, process, architecture, syntax but, more importantly, our team makes smart tactical choices to manage risk and quality in rapidly evolving software development environments.

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Published onJun 22, 2017
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