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The RosettaNet EDI Connector makes it easy to connect to trading partners with Mule using RosettaNet. This connector supports receiving and sending RosettaNet messages.

For each trading partner, you can configure message validation options and configure Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) according to your particular partner's implementation convention. The connector can also generate errors based on compliance with the partner configuration.

RosettaNet Connector v1.1.0 supports RNIF v2.0 and a set of PIPs.

These PIP definitions are supplied with the distribution and fully supported:

PIP - Version - Purpose:

  • 3A4 - 3A4MG1 v02.02 - Request Purchase Order
  • 3A4- 3A4MG2 v02.02 - Request Purchase Order
  • 3A6 - 3A6MG1 v02.00, v02.02, v02.03 - Distribute Order Status
  • 3B2 - 3B2MG1 v01.00 - Notify of Advance Shipment
  • 3C3 - 3C3MG1 v01.00, v01.01 - Notify of Invoice

The RosettaNet Connector always uses PIP 0A1 v02.00 for all Failure Notification messages.


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Published onJan 5, 2022
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