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The Thru MFT (Managed File Transfer) Connector provides out-of-the-box file exchange for your Mule Flows via Thru’s MFT platform OptiPaaS™. By connecting Mule Flows to Thru’s unique cloud-native MFT Platform OptiPaaS™ you take your file transfer to a new level with unparalleled monitoring and control across all lines of business.

Easily design, build and integrate high volume file transfers into any Mule flow with Thru OptiPaaS™:

  • Instantly scalable, cloud-native file exchange platform where you pay for what you need
  • Reliable file exchange between partners and Mule flows with audits, alerts and replay
  • Partner self-management with onboarding, subscriptions, reusable endpoints and support
  • Centralized system of record to mitigate risks
  • Real-time, end-to-end processing dashboards to monitor and control all file transfers
  • Separation of data processing in Mule flows from file transfers
  • Unified Mule connector for file pickup, drop off and exception handling

About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

MuleSoft Certified Connectors are developed by MuleSoft's partners and developer community. These connectors have been reviewed and certified by MuleSoft. To purchase the MFT Connector for Thru or to receive assistance or support for it, please contact Thru directly at: or +1 800 871 9316. MuleSoft disclaims any support obligation for MuleSoft Certified Connectors.

By installing this connector, you consent to MuleSoft sharing your contact information with the developer of this connector so that you can receive more information about it directly from the developer.

This 3rd party connector does not require an additional fee to use with MuleSoft Enterprise Edition. MuleSoft Certified Connectors are not accessible to MuleSoft Community Edition.

About Thru, Inc.

Thru delivers an enterprise grade MFT platform that supports global file sharing and collaboration. A pioneer in the industry, Thru has been offering native cloud MFT file exchange solutions for over 15 years. Thru's deep knowledge and experience help companies solve their most challenging MFT business needs.

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