Retail Common

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This fragment defines reusable data types which are commonly used for type definitions. This RAML fragment is part of the Retail Accelerator.

Retail Common does not depend on any fragment.

Defined types:

  • AddressUnit - Defines a unit address.
  • AddressUnitWithOptionalUnitNumber - Defines the unit address and unit number, which is optional.
  • AddressUnitWithRequiredUnitNumber - Defines the unit address and unit number, which is required.
  • CollectionTotalItems - Defines the total items quantity.
  • CurrencyType - Defines the currency of a monetary value.
  • DefaultResponse - Defines the default response.
  • HypermediaDefaultResponse - Defines the hypermedia default response.
  • HypermediaErrorResponse - Defines the hypermedia default response message.
  • HypermediaMessage - Defines a hypermedia message.
  • HypermediaResponseMetadata - Defines the hypermedia response metadata.
  • Language - Defines the object language property.
  • Lifetime - Defines the object lifecycle.
  • Link - Defines a hypermedia link.
  • Location - Defines type of location and type of delivery.
  • Measure - Defines a physical property with a numeric value.
  • MeasurementSystem - Defines a standard that codifies a set of UnitOfMeasure values.
  • Message - Defines a message object.
  • MonetaryValue - Defines an amount in a given currency.
  • pagingLimit - Defines the maximum number of items to return.
  • pagingOffset - Defines the beginning item number.
  • PostalAddress - Defines the postal address of the internal organization.
  • Price - Defines the price.
  • Quantity - Defines quantity.
  • QuantityType - Defines the quantity type.
  • QuantityUnit - Defines a quantity unit.
  • ResourceId - Defines the unique object identifier.
  • ResponseMetadata - Defines the response metadata.
  • SalesUnit - Defines a sales unit.
  • SortingSortKey - Defines the sorting key.
  • Url - Defines url.


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TypeAPI Spec Fragment
Created byMuleSoft Organization
Published onJan 29, 2020
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