Flow Designer template: For high priority Jira issues send Slack notification

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When a Jira ticket gets assigned High or Highest priority, send a Slack notification. This is a great way for engineering teams and customer support teams to track critical bugs or features.

What you need

  • A Jira admin account
  • A Slack account

How to set it up

  • Import the template.
  • Log in to your JIRA account.
  • Choose a Slack channel.
  • Format your message. You can include the Sender Name, and the tickets’: description, project, summary, issueType, status, priority and other information.
  • This integration includes 1 flow for “Highest Priorities To Slack.” Perform the steps above for the flow.

Customize it

In the card that connects to Jira, see the Notes section. These notes tell you how to receive updates for:

  • Jira issues in a certain project
  • Jira issues assigned to a certain owner
  • Jira issues of a certain type (e.g., bug, story)

Swap Jira with your system

  • This template uses an HTTP connector to connect to Jira. It demonstrates a pattern that you can use to connect to any system with an HTTP API, even if there is no MuleSoft connector for that system. To connect to a different system, simply customize the configuration of the HTTP connector.



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Published onAug 11, 2021
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