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Introduce your app to ours through API technology. Allowing your online business to display estimated pick-up times, give price quotes and make bookings on-demand or in 3 months advance.



Before you can get started with the Addison Lee Quickbook API, you will need to request access to this API by going to our Developers page and clicking on "GET API KEY". Our team will analyse your request and get in touch with you shortly.

Sandbox and Production Access

Sandbox API Version

You will initially have access to the Sandbox version of the Quickbook API, which allows developers to test their application without requesting "live" quotations or making "live" bookings. Please note that only London addresses are available in the Sandbox environment.

Please use the Sandbox URI for all Quickbook API endpoints.


For example:


Production API Version

In order to use the Production version of the API, please contact Addison Lee.


All endpoints have the same security requirements, these can be found in the Security page.


Details of how to consume the API can be found on the left-hand side, along with API resources details in the API Specification Summary.

Release Notes

Any new features, charges, or versions will be posted here.

05/09/2017API Release
26/09/2018POST /quote/price and POST /booking/create now support location notes
01/10/2018POST /quote/price and POST /booking/create now support a number of hours for as directed journeys
22/10/2018Documentation revision and new section "Dev Guides"
18/05/2020Documentation revision