Anypoint Monitoring Archive API

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Metric Data

A metric file contains metric data using streaming JSON lines (JSONL), also known as new-line-delimited JSON (NDJSON) and line-delimited JSON (LDJSON). Each line contains a JSON object. This JSON object contains one or more metrics events. A metric event contains either an individual sampled value or aggregated sampled values from the sampling window.

JSON FieldsDescription
"format": "v2",The JSON format version for this batch object. Currently only value is "v2".
"time": 1552513320000,Timestamp of the sampling window within which the events in this JSON objects are generated, in milliseconds.
"type": "api_summary_metric",Type of events in this JSON. Each JSON only contains metric data of the same type.
"metadata": {Metadata about how the data is generated and collected.
"batch_id": 1,Each JSON object is limited to a maximum size. When there are more events than what fits in a single JSON object, multiple JSON objects are used. Each JSON object is assigned a unique batch id within the time window. (time, batch_id) together uniquely identifies the JSON object.
"aggregated": true or false,When true, each event in the JSON contains aggregated data within the window. Aggregated data is reported using min, max, count, sum, and sum squared. When false, each event represent a single sampled data point.
"limited": true or false,When true, the events are a subset representing top occurring events only. When false, the events are not limited to just the top occurring ones.
"producer_name": "analytics-metrics-collector-mule4",name of the data producer
"producer_version": "2.2.0"version of data collector
"commons": {A block of common dimensions for every events in this JSON.
"dimension_name": "string_value"Each dimension is represented by a name and a String value.
...more common dimensions
}end of common block
"events": [One or more events in this block
{A single metric event in the form of a map of name and value. A name value pair represents either a dimension or a fact.
"dimension_name": "string_value"A dimension for this event with a name and a string value. If the dimension name overlaps a name inside commons block, then the value here takes precedence for this event.
...more dimensions
"fact_name":numeric_valueA fact for this event with a name and a numeric value.
...more facts
},end of a single event
...more events
]end of event array block

Aggregated Facts

When metrics are collected and aggregated for a time window, an event contains 5 facts for each measurement aggregated. The name of the facts is then made of the measurement and an aggregation suffix.

Fact NameDescription
measurement.minThe minimum value for the sampling window for the measurement
measurement.maxThe maximum value for the sampling window for the measurement
measurement.countTotal number of events collected for this measurement
measurement.sumThe sum of measurement values. sum/count produces the mean value for the measurement
measurement.sosThe sum of value squared. Use this value and the mean to compute variance.


  "format": "v2",               // version of JSON structure
  "time": 1585082947062,        // timestamp in milliseconds for events in this object
  "type": "api_summary_metric", // metric type for the events in this object
  "commons": {                  // a set common dimensions for all events in this object 
    "deployment_type": "RTF",
    "api_id": "204393",
    "cluster_id": "rtf",
    "env_id": "env",
    "public_ip": "",
    "org_id": "org",
    "worker_id": "worker-1"
  "events": [                   // an array of metric events
    {                           // each event is a map of dimensions and facts
      // event dimensions, each with a key and a string value
      "method": "POST",     
      "status_code": "200", 
      "api_version_id": "223337",
      "api_name": "groupId:6046b96d-c9aa-4cb2-9b30-90a54fc01a7b:assetId:policy_sla_rate_limit",
      "api_version": "v1:223337",
      "client_id": "eb30101d7394407ea86f0643e1c63331",
      "request_disposition": "processed",

      // event facts, each with a key and a numerical value
      // agent captures measurement values and aggregates them based on dimensions and measurement type
      // for the sampling window (typically 1 minute).  For each measurement type, 5 facts are generated:
      // <measurement>.count -- number of occurrences withing sampling window
      // <measurement>.sum   -- sum of values from each occurrence withing sampling window
      // <measurement>.max   -- max value from occurrences withing sampling window
      // <measurement>.min   -- min value from occurrence withing sampling window
      // <measurement>.sos   -- sum of value squared from occurrence withing sampling window, may be used to generate standard deviation

      // e.g. 5 facts for response size
      "response_size.count": 1,
      "response_size.sum": 2,
      "response_size.max": 2,
      "response_size.min": 2,
      "response_size.sos": 4,

      // e.g. 5 facts for response time
      "response_time.max": 4,
      "response_time.min": 4,
      "response_time.count": 1,
      "response_time.sum": 4,
      "response_time.sos": 16,

      // e.g. 5 facts for request size
      "request_size.min": 6,
      "request_size.count": 1,
      "request_size.sos": 36,
      "request_size.max": 6,
      "request_size.sum": 6
    { ... },                  // another event
    { ... },                  // another event
    { ... }                   // another event
  "metadata": {               // metric data collector meta data
    "batch_id": 0,            // for the same sampling window, unique identifier for multiple JSON lines
    "aggregated": true,       // true if the events are aggregated for the sampling window
    "limited": false,         // true if events form a subset, representing top occurring events for the sampling window
    "producer_name": "analytics-metrics-collector-mule3",
    "producer_version": "2.2.2-SNAPSHOT"

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