Audit Log Query API

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Short description

Audit Log Query API provides a number of endpoints for querying log data associated with platforms, object types, users and their actions within an organization.

Detailed description

The audit logging services enables you to query the history of actions performed on Anypoint Platform. Actions, in this context, are performed most often by users via an API call or through the Anypoint user interface. Additionally, some actions may be performed by system processes. Actions may involve more than a single object. For example, permission changes involve both a permission and an object being secured. Granting an application access to an API involves both of those objects in a single action.

The audit logging service tracks all users who have interacted with objects in the system, and adds a timestampe to these actions. It also provides mechanisms for querying the set of users who have performed actions, the set of objects that have had actions performed on them, and other endpoints that enable the querying of log entries.

Log entry queries include the start time of the entry and may include the end time. In addition, arrays of IDs can be passed to the API to further filter the data. For example, you can pass user IDs, object IDs, object types, and types of action. When specifying these parameters, they are concatenated to create arbitrarily selective queries.

Getting Started

The API is accessible externally and encrypted with SSL. Like all Anypoint Platform APIs, all REST endpoints in this API begin with /organizations/{id}. Therefore, all operations are scoped to a single organization.

API Reference

For more information, see

Also, see the Usage Examples and Overview of Types sections for a description and more information about how to use this API.