Exchange Experience API

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You can use this API for different purposes such as to create, share, search and manage assets and their portals in Exchange.


This API basically focuses on assets and portals. It allows doing a lot of operations on different organizations according to the permissions that each user has in Anypoint.


Related to the assets managed, you can do the following operations:

  • Create public assets and also for different organizations.
  • Manage different asset types (RAML, SOAP, WSDL and HTTP)
  • Edit assets
  • Physical and logical asset deletion
  • Search assets by organization, users and different parameters, like tags, text, description and type.
  • Share assets between users
  • Asset versioned
  • Manage tags by assets
  • Manage organization applications
  • Other related operations


When an asset is created in Exchange, a new portal is created and you can edit and customize it before publishing for an organization.

Each portal in Exchange, usually used as documentation of an asset, for which, a large number of operations are allowed for its maintenance:

  • Edit a portal in a draft mode
  • Create and search pages of a portal, where you can store content in different formats, such as markdown or html
  • Create and search reviews and comments of a portal rating them
  • Publish a portal for everyone to search

Also, you can find a complete documentation about how to use this API and what IT provides in Exchange XAPI - Reference API

Accessing the API

Create an Anypoint platform account. If your organization already has an Anypoint platform account, then request an invitation by email from your organization administrator.

There is no charge for using this API.


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