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Exchange API version 2 introduces the concept of an identity, which is an entity that can have a role with certain permissions over an asset. An entity can be a user or an organization.

With Exchange API version 2, an asset can be shared with an identity such as a user, a master organization, or an external organization.

If an asset is shared with an organization, then permissions are granted to all users that belong to the organization.

The roles are:

  • viewer: Allows a user to see the asset but not do any type of editing on it
  • contributor: Allows editing the asset's metadata, editing the asset’s portal, and creating new versions of the asset
  • admin: Allows other types of operations, such as sharing with other users or deprecating versions

The following examples demonstrate sharing assets with users and organizations.

Before executing the examples, obtain a token with the instructions in the Anypoint Platform Token section. In each example, replace ANYPOINT_TOKEN with your token.

You can send HTTP commands with cURL, Postman, or another application. These examples use cURL.

In all examples, replace the URL parameters :groupId and :assetId with the asset’s information.

Get the asset’s current identities

This example gets a list of the identities that have permissions for an asset:

curl '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'authorization: bearer ANYPOINT_TOKEN'

The response is similar to this:

      "id" : "5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d",
      "roleId" : "0c0d6604-8732-474f-9a2e-bff5ef472a86"
      "createdAt" : "2020-09-17T14:49:30.283451+00:00",
      "name" : "Mythical Ventures",
      "role" : "viewer",
      "domain" : "mythical-ventures",
      "identityType" : "organization",
      "id" : "99685226-c802-4fc6-8c7d-d159737784bb",
      "roleId" : "03bf5aff-a0e2-4e1a-8377-b7e4f67750df",
      "createdAt" : "2020-09-17T14:36:48.639736",
      "email" : "",
      "username" : "john-smith",
      "lastName" : "Smith",
      "role" : "admin",
      "firstName" : "John",
      "organization" : {
         "id" : "5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d",
         "isMulesoftOrganization" : false,
         "name" : "Mythical Ventures"
      "identityType" : "user"

A user john-smith has the admin role for this asset and an organization 'mythical-ventureshas theviewer` role for this asset.

Search identities

Your permissions enable you to share an asset with certain entities. This request lists those entities.

Replace the search query parameter with the search term to search identities. Replace :organizationId with the organization ID of the asset that will be shared.

curl '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'authorization: bearer ANYPOINT_TOKEN'

The response is similar to this:

  "name":"Coliseum Inc","domain":"coliseum-inc"
}, {
  "name":"Mythical Ventures",
    "name":"Mythical Ventures",

The response shows three identities: A user (john-smith), an organization (Mythical Ventures), and an external organization (Coliseum Inc).

Sharing an asset with an identity requires the identity id. For an organization or external organization, the id represents the organizationId.

Share an asset to an identity

In a request to add or remove identities, the body content is an array with the identities to add or delete. Each identity object in the array requires this information:

  • identityId: The id of the identity

For organizations and external organizations, this is the organizationId.

  • : The role to be assigned to share the asset:viewer,contributor, oradmin`
  • identityType: The type of the identity: user, organization or externalOrganization
  • `organization

Id`: The organizationId of the organization or user

curl '' \
  -X 'PUT' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'authorization: bearer ANYPOINT_TOKEN' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{"added":[{"identityId":"99685226-c802-4fc6-8c7d-d159737784bb","role":"admin","identityType":"user","organizationId":"5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d"}],"deleted":[{"identityId":"5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d","role":"contributor","identityType":"organization","organizationId":"5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d"}]}'

The admin role for this asset is added to identity id 99685226-c802-4fc6-8c7d-d159737784bb (john-smith), and the contributor role for this asset is removed from the organization 5a673b98-92f4-459d-b950-daeed7a8165d (Mythical Ventures).