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The ARC Pay API provides ARC-accredited travel agencies the ability to process payment transactions and service fees completely outside of a GDS. This API will also allow agencies and third-party aggregators the ability to streamline payments activity through custom software or through other channels like web, mobile, or even NDC platforms.

The API includes:

Authorization: The authorization (POST) operation is the core feature of the API and allows the user to obtain an authorization on a specific credit card. The API will provide a response message containing all of the required information based on the approval or decline outcome.

Void: The void (PUT) operation allows the user to remove a previously authorized payment prior to settlement.

Lookup: The lookup (GET) operations allows the user to pull transactional data related to the payment for the purpose of reporting or reconciliation. This request will contain additional details not found in the original response message.

To access sandbox or production environments, authentication is required. Contact your ARC Sales Representative for more information or request access online.

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