Getting Started

Learning About ARC's APIs
Information about ARC’s APIs can be found on the ARC API Portal. To learn about a specific API, select an icon on the portal homepage to view details. To access sandbox or production data, you must first request access.

Requesting Access
1. To request access to an API, select the Request Access button located at the top-right of an API’s overview page.
2. You will be taken to a login page for Mulesoft, ARC’s API platform provider. If you do not have existing Mulesoft credentials, select the Sign Up button.
3. To create an account, provide a full name, email address, phone number, username and password. Mulesoft’s Terms and Conditions must also be accepted.
4. After creating your account, you will be redirected to the API details you were previously viewing. Select Request Access again to continue. Use your Mulesoft username and password to sign in to the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform.
5. The “Request API Access” screen will appear. Select Create a New Application.
6. Enter your application name, description (optional), application URL (optional), OAuth 2.0 grant type and OAuth 2.0 redirect URLs (e.g., https://localhost:8080). Select Create.
7. Request API access by providing the newly created application name and selecting the API instance and SLA Tier (if applicable). ARC’s Terms and Conditions must also be accepted. Once this is completed, ARC will review your request, and you will receive an email indicating whether access has been granted or denied.

Authentication Requirements
Authentication is required to access ARC’s APIs in sandbox and production environments. ARC uses OAuth2.0, an industry-standard protocol, to authenticate users. Once ARC has granted you access to an API and you have received an approval email, you must obtain an OAuth2.0 bearer token.

To receive your bearer token:
1. Acquire your client ID and client secret from My Applications
2. Post:
3. Provide the following in your request to receive your bearer token. Then use your bearer token in the “Authorization” header to submit requests to the API.

  • grant_type = client_credentials
  • scope = your specific API
    • where your specific API =
      • ticketing_authority
      • memos_api
      • iar_api
      • ticket_data
      • payments

Accessing ARC's APIs
Once ARC has granted API access, you will have full access to the selected API instance. To use the API, enter your client ID and client secret to programmatically obtain a bearer token, which can then be sent to make API client calls. You view can your client IDs and client secrets in “My Applications.”