Account Information API

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You can enable your digital applications so that account and cardholders can see related account information. Use this Account Information API to display pertinent account details for a principal account.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /omaha/cardholder-account-presentation.get: Display general account and cardholder information. Equivalent of GetCAP. For GetCAP's complete object model descriptions, please refer to Account Information API's Technical Notes wiki. To search for more account information, use the Get Demographics API.
  • /omaha/dda.get: Provide access to information about demand deposit accounts linked to a principal account identifier for online debit processors.
  • /omaha/debit-balance.get: Returns balance details for a cardholder’s debit card.
  • /omaha/datalink.get: Obtain Datalink details linked to a cardholder’s account number.
  • /omaha/payment-history.get: Inquire about Payment history details on a cardholder’s account.
  • /omaha/cardholder.get: Query account balance and status details for a cardholder.

Use Case Examples:

  • Display account balance, payment due date, minimum payment due, statement balance, etc., so cardholders can easily view their payment amount due and payment date information to better plan on when to make their payment in order to maximize their personal cash flow.
  • Inquire about the cardholder’s details at the click of a button on their account including balance, status, and auto pay information.
  • Returns multiple account details (external data maintained for decisioning purposes) based on the cardholder’s account number when member-servicing staff are researching a member’s account.
  • Display accounts accessible to a cardholder with their debit card.
  • Obtain the balance of available gross and/or net funds for a cardholder’s debit card delivering a one-glance overview for members.
  • Retrieve payment history information such as posting date, minimum amount due, amount paid and/or available delinquency details to assist collections or member service personnel.