Card Activation API

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Provide an easy, secure, and seamless way for your cardholders to activate or deactivate a plastic. Integrating card activation or deactivation functions into a mobile banking application, home banking website, or IVR system takes the member experience beyond a cumbersome but necessary security protocol and turns it into a positive self-service experience. Encourage the rapid adoption of your payments products by providing a variety of ways your members can activate their cards when and where it’s most convenient for them, which helps solidify your brand as their primary financial institution.

Separate Card Activation API usage agreement required.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /omaha/card-activation: Activate or deactivate a card account on the Omaha platform.
  • /connex/card-activation: Activate or deactivate a card account on the Connex platform.

NOTE - Card Activation API is not impacted by APBatch4.


Use Case Examples:

  • Provide an easy self-service option for cardholders to activate their cards in your mobile banking app.
  • Integrate into your IVR and give cardholders the ability to activate their card, without the need to interact with a contact center representative.
  • When a member cannot come into the branch, deactivate an instant issue card before mailing the new card to the member. Then provide the cardholder with options on how to activate their new card once they receive it.

Process flow diagram example:


Sequence Diagram: