Cardholder Maintenance API

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Provide a more seamless banking experience for your members with easy access to managing cardholder account information. This API provides functionality for updating cardholder details and member profiles plus the ability to add secondary cardholders to existing accounts.

All in all, Cardholder Maintenance is a general purpose API with endpoints relevant to a wide variety of member servicing use cases.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/card/member.get: Retrieve cardholder member profile information.
  • /connex/card/member POST: Add a cardholder and/or member data to an account.
  • /connex/card/member PUT: Manage cardholder member details for an account.
  • /connex/card/member.delete: Remove a member from an account.
  • /omaha/cardholder POST: Add a cardholder to an existing account.
  • /omaha/cardholder PUT: Update attributes for an existing cardholder.

Use Case Examples:

  • View and update cardholder information including names, phone numbers, and addresses for card accounts for up-to-date record keeping delivering peace of mind to your members.
  • Add or delete a cardholder on an account for an issuer.