Credit Payments API

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Your Credit Cardholders can now breathe easier in this Age of Automation! With our new internal CCPay and RightTime Payment functions, you may provide to your accountholders a higher level of payment processing never achieved before. This API allows your members to set up automatic payments with monthly schedules tailor-fit to their busy on-the-go lifestyle with these manageable payment processing methods, ensuring their credit cards are paid on time and on schedule.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /omaha/right-time-payment: Perform real-time payment authorizations that reflect in their available credit.
  • /omaha/reverse-right-time-payment: Revoke any payments made using Right Time Payments.
  • /omaha/auto-pay-amount: Set up the Automatic Payments option with designated amounts for particular vendors from a cardholder's account. This API is for U.S. Issuers ONLY.
  • /omaha/auto-pay-flag: Registers the auto pay code in order for the cardholder's account to be debited for the auto pay amount. This API is for U.S. Issuers ONLY.
  • /omaha/ccpay.get: View CCPay payments made from an account.
  • /omaha/ccpay-add: Make a CCPay payment for a member. This API requires enrollment and setup in CO-OP's CCPay product.
  • /omaha/ccpay-cancel: Revoke a CCPay payment.

Use Case Examples:

  • View, Submit or Rescind payments within CO-OP’s CCPay system.
  • Establish the Automatic Payment option with a specified amount to be debited on a cardholder's account for reoccurring monthly payments such as mortgages, car notes, cell phone or insurance payments in order to streamline the banking experience into a seamless and worry-free one that offers members peace of mind and financial security for life’s major items.
  • Provide your members with the ability to manage payments from their accounts at their financial institution instantly adjusting their available credit with real-time payment authorizations.
  • Manage payments at the touch of a button from a member’s account using CO-OP’s CCPay system for a convenient and efficient payment process for members.
  • Obtain payment information made from a member's account using CO-OP’s CCPay system when members are verifying or researching payment history.