Digital Card Issuance API

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>>>Omaha - Full Service Credit

Proposed Workflow for Re-issuing a Credit Card on the Omaha Platform for Full-Service Credit

APIs included
CO-OP Endpoint
  1. /omaha/expiration-date (single entity) or /omaha/update-payment-instrument-expiration (separate entity)
  2. /omaha/reset-travel-strategy - Optional but highly recommended
  3. /omaha/emboss-plastic - Optional but highly recommended
  4. /key-wrap.get - Required
  5. /omaha/dci-cvv.get - Required
Proposed Sample Steps
  1. Update the Expiration Date for the Card.
  2. Place card in FI β€œHome” Travel Strategy: This is an optional but highly recommended step by the Fraud team for added protection for the card's digital usage while the plastic card is being shipped.
  3. Request Card Embossing: For Digitally-Issued Cards, indicate here to send card as INACTIVE so only the strategy override allowing e-commerce purchases is in effect.
  4. The Encryption Key needs to be sent by the client in order to receive securely wrapped key credentials.
  5. DCI API Request: Obtain and return the CVV and Expiration Date. Add Memo for the Card Management System.

The Cardholder receives the plastic card ordered in step #4 by mail.