Digital Card Issuance API

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Proposed Workflow for Building a New Card on the Connex Platform for In-House Credit/Debit

APIs Included
CO-OP Endpoint
  1. /connex/card [POST] โ€“ Required
  2. /key-wrap.get โ€“ Required
  3. /connex/dci-cvv.get โ€“ Required
  4. /connex/pin-change โ€“ Optional
Proposed Sample Steps

(+) A New PAN is generated by CORE and sent to the processing system and the MB/OLB server.

  1. A New Card record is created on the system. All new cards are not activated by default having a status of โ€œOK-N โ€“ Pending Activationโ€.
  2. The Encryption Key needs to be sent by the client in order to receive securely wrapped key credentials.
  3. DCI API Request: Obtain and return the CVV and Expiration Date. Add Memo for the Card Management System.
  4. Optional โ€“ PIN Change is available.

The Cardholder receives the plastic card ordered in step #1 by mail.