Digital Card Issuance API

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Technical Notes

Encryption for DCI

The Key Wrap in the Encryption API is a pre-requisite step for both DCI endpoints (Connex and Omaha) for CO-OP clients.

It is the key obtained by the customer using the Encryption API for the Base64 encoded value for their key, which the Client will use to decrypt the encrypted value when received from the API.

  • Client MUST send a wrappedkey for every dci-cvv.get call, and the Response will return encrypted securedData based on the Encryption API's key wrap endpoint.
  • Client will call the Encryption API using base64 encoded 256-bit encryption key
  • Encryption API returns wrappedKey or key wrap.
  • This WrappedKey should be passed to the DCI API, along with the cardNumber
  • DCI API returns securedData
  • 256-bit encryption key used to decrypt securedData
  • Unencrypted securedData = { cvv: "000", _exp_dt: "YYMM"}