Lifestyle Loyalty API

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The new CO-OP Lifestyle Loyalty program offers comprehensive, configurable capabilities to ensure that your loyalty program is synonymous with your brand. CO-OP Lifestyle Loyalty delivers what your members expect: a competitive, benefit-rich debit and credit experience.

This loyalty solution will help increase card usage and profitability for your existing debit and credit programs, resulting in competitive portfolio growth and strengthening member relationships. It is platform-agnostic, providing your credit union the benefit of one program for both debit and credit, utilizing the same tools, and providing the same features and functionality.

The Lifestyle Loyalty API gives you the ability to get Member account's rewards balance, so you can seamlessly integrate rewards into your Online banking website and other assets.

The following endpoint is consumable with this API:

  • /account/balance.get: View reward points balance with expiry dates.

Use Case Examples:

  • Obtain the rewards balance on a memberโ€™s account (Base, Bonus, Redeemed, and Expired value), in addition to the rewards expiration schedule (what is expiring this month, next month, and the month after next), so the credit union can display this data at the member-level on their online banking app or website.