Memo API

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Now your member-servicing staff may provide above-and-beyond, high-quality service with this Memos API. Researching and Adding account memos have never been easier for your staff than with this new functionality.

The following endpoints are consumable by this API:

  • /omaha/memo: Adds a memo to a cardholder’s account on the Omaha platform. For more information, please refer to the Technical Notes wiki in this Memo API.
  • /omaha/memo.get: Perform inquiries about cardholder memo information on a member’s account on the Omaha platform.
  • /connex/notes.get: Retrieve all available memos on an account on the Connex platform.
  • /connex/note: Add a memo to a member’s account on the Connex platform.

Use Case Examples:

  • Provides the ability to add memos to a debit or credit cardholder’s account for member-servicing staff to capture important information applicable to the account for future account service.
  • Provide access to cardholder memos on an credit account to allow member-servicing staff to research staff notes on account history or any special incidents that happened with an account (even extracted from previous member call-ins) to be used for future reference.
  • Allow member-servicing staff the ability to perform account research by retrieving all available memos on a member’s debit account.